Wow, what a month! As you may already know, the Kickstarter ended without getting funded successfully. That’s okay, the whole archive is still online for you to enjoy. It’s not going anywhere. There’s a few things I learned through this:

1) Timing: I wanted to be able to get books to everyone by Christmas, but I probably should have waited to do the Kickstarter until I was updating regularly again. Not only would I have had more traffic, but all this time I spent on the book took me away from other projects (including the comic itself). I think, as usual, I tried to bite off a bit too much.

2) Best fans ever: Not that I didn’t already know this, but I have the best fans ever. Look at what you guys managed to do! It’s incredible! Seriously, if someone told me this would happen I would not have believed them. I need higher reward levels because, man, you guys are amazing. I got some feedback, but perhaps I should have gotten more, because I missed some great reward opportunities, and y’all deserve the best.

3) It’s not so bad: Becoming someone who sells stuff, that is. I have long been afraid that it would fundamentally change the relationship I have with my readers, and that I wouldn’t like it. That it would become insincere. I’m certainly not thinking that anymore. I think it actually helped, in a way. Also,

4) I need to better engage you guys: Right now, I really just stick to Twitter. I’m still not convinced that comments on the web page is the right thing, and Facebook just plain isn’t doing anything besides draining time I could be drawing. Forcing people to come to Twitter isn’t quite right, though, and it is a very transitory medium anyway. I’m thinking of getting rid of Facebook (don’t worry, you can still get the RSS feed) and trying to find an open way to have better discussions. I’m open to suggestions. Don’t worry, Twitter’s not going anywhere. I just want to be more accessible to y’all.

Thanks so much, again! Maybe in a little while, when my numbers jump up a bit, we can try again. I’ll keep an eye on the stats, you guys keep an eye on the comics, and we’ll all keep having fun.