For the tl;dr crowd: the comic isn’t going away, but I have too many other projects on my plate so it’s going to be updated “when it updates”. Follow me on Twitter, Google+ or subscribe to the RSS feed. Sorry. My bad.

What’s the full story? That’s a bit more in depth, and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. I didn’t realize it’s been over two months since an update. That kind of slipped by me. This comic has been penciled for about a month, then it was inked for about a month. I had the time, I just worked on other projects. It seems like I always have several projects going, and maybe 10% of them ever see the light of day. Of those, maybe 10% actually go anywhere. I’m trying to get traction in other avenues, plus I have a family, so scheduling conflicts are becoming more and more a reality. The comic is a time and money sink, so it gets cut from the project list early.

That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it, but I had to remember why I started it to begin with. YAWC is a drawing board for me, really. It’s an experiment. I never intended for it to be a big thing. If I wanted to make a big thing, I think I’d start fresh. The comic will always live in some form or fashion, however. It’s a scratch pad, a place that’s safe to experiment, because it was designed that way. And it made it to the 1% of projects that has actually gone anywhere, so I’m pretty happy with that.

So I apologize in advance, but the update schedule will be rocky. I’ll update as much as I can around everything else. I hope you continue to enjoy reading it as much as I continue to enjoy producing it, and thanks for your patience.