The Strip

Yet Another Web Comic involves an unnamed guy who recently finished a protracted battle with graduate school and has entered the work force as a go-fer for a small engineering firm.  His wife, also unnamed, was very successful in college and continued to get ahead in the world of corporate accounting through her hard work and dedication.   The comic presents a slice of their life as they work, live and love, and it is garnished with a variety of  improbable situations for spice.

The History

When I was little, I really wanted to be a syndicated comic strip artist.  I wrote to several artists over the years, read lots of books and learned a lot about the trade.  In the back of my mind, I always considered trying my hand.  The pivotal moment was when I was turned down for a comic strip in my college newspaper (they were looking for editorial cartoons, not strips, and got a really great artist to do just that).  At that point I sat down and really considered the future of newspapers, what with 24-hour news channels and the Internet becoming increasingly available to the average Joe.  Coupled with what I already knew about the trade, I gave up on drawing forever.

Unfortunately, that was a bit of an over-reaction.  I really enjoyed drawing, and should have stuck with it as a hobby.  As I moved on into my “productive” career, I was looking for a hobby that I could squeeze into lunch breaks and the like.  Webcomics were quite common at the time, so  I ran the idea of a “comic strip on the web” by my friends, and was encouraged to sally forth.  I jumped in with both feet, not having picked up a pencil for drawing in years and hacked out my first strip with two nameless characters and the creative placeholder name, “Yet Another Web Comic”.  A year later, I registered a domain name and sealed the placeholder name’s fate as permanent title.

I currently continue to draw my strip and enjoy the hobby immensely.  I share it for free for all who are interested.  Admittedly, I am a bit lazy, so updates are missed on occasion and extra content is provided sporadically at best.    I have no intention of going professional at this point, so I’m fine with that.  I just work on providing the best comic strip I can when time allows.  Maybe some day I will get around to naming the strip or the main characters.  Nearly four years later, still no dice.

I never set out intending for this strip to be my master work that I would pursue forever.  It is a playground to get me active in drawing.  At this point, I think I’ll always be involved in YAWC as a way to try new things and keep practicing, but I may put the strip on hiatus at times and one day may end it entirely.  The more important part of this strip is getting me drawing again, and it has given me many opportunities, including the opportunity to do graphics for an in-production small-scale video game.  In that way, no matter what happens to YAWC it will always be a part of my work.

The Artist

There’s not much terribly interesting to say about me.  I essentially get paid to flip burgers.  Sure, the burgers are digital in nature, and my spatula is a high-end, multi-monitor computer setup and an encrypted LAN/WAN.  At the end of the day, however, my job is to prepare these information sandwiches for consumers who walk up to the window, demand service, scoff at the cook in the funny uniform, then take his opus magnus and scarf it down.