I need to set up a gallery and such, and since I’m working on a new site I don’t want to do it all here and then back it out within a month.  You know, lazy.

Hey, dramatic topic shift: remember when I said I was going to PAX East?  Well, I met up with Rob Lundy of http://www.consolehopping.com and played a rousing game of Munchkin where a weaselly cleric won by Divine Intervention.  Anyway, the very talented (and handsome) Rob gave me a bit of artwork and I wanted to share it, because it is awesome.  I put it here in fan art, though usually it is the fan who does the art for the “befanned”.  This seems like an opposite fan art, but this is the space I have.  But that’s enough of me sounding like a drunken fangirl in a Sheraton lobby.

Rob, I think those are all the kind words you paid me for.  The money went to buy beer and games.  I had to scan it in pieces and clean it up, and the whole time I was reminded how slow my computer is.  Too bad I’m now that much more intoxicated and that much further from a new computer.  I need to accept more bribes.

Better this way